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Due to the growing popularity of Divine Nature Cosmetics, we've created this amazing FAQ page to address many of our common questions and concerns. Should your question or concern not appear here, please feel free to contact us using our convenient contact form under the 'Contact Us' tab at the top.

1.) Are your products hypo-allergenic?

Answer: Yes! We do not use any by products of common allergens like eggs, soy, wheat, and nuts. We do not use any kind of dairy products. Our products are made in a pet-free environment in a facility that does not house any kind of plants or grass.  We do, however, use pure essential oils which are diluted into our products. If you have particularly sensitive skin, we recommend you select our scent-free option from the product page. Simply select your product of choice, scroll down, and select the scent-free option.

2.) Are your products safe for children?

Answer: YES! Our products are safe for all ages!

3.) Are your products really organic?

Answer: YES! We only use top- quality organic ingredients from the finest distributors! We take pride in bragging about the  organic authenticity of our products! (Hey, it's ok to brag sometimes :) )

4.) Are your products for all skin types? 

Answer: YES! We offer a range of products from extra dry skin to extra oily skin. Just simply select your skin type from the product page of the product of your choice. Select the product, scroll down, select your skin type from the options menu.

5.) Do you use real essential oils?

Answer: YES! We use the Young Living brand which is the best of the best! We also endorse DoTerra! We use the finest quality essential oils because of the potency and their ability to actually assist with healing particular issues.

6.) Are you a doctor?

Answer: NO! We are not doctors, dermatologists, or any kind of medical practitioners! We do not diagnose, treat, or claim to cure any illnesses or disorders! We simply offer products to assist with improving the GENERAL health of your body. We do not, in any way, endorse the discontinuation of any medication prescribed by your doctor. Please continue to see your health care provider if you have a particular diagnosis that requires special attention.

7.) Do your products expire?

Answer: Due to the organic nature of our products, we do recommend use within three months as many of our products are minimally preserved using a natural preservative.

8.) Do your products help with hair regrowth?

Answer: Our products can certainly assist, however, if you have a medical condition that causes thinning hair or baldness, please continue to see your doctor. We do not guarantee hair regrowth due to a condition.

9.) Can our products help with anti-aging?

Answer: YES! The ingredients we use in our products can certainly help to turn back time! However, do note that results may vary from person to person.

10.) Do you ship overseas?

Answer: We currently only ship in the U.S.

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