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Our signature men's shaving kit includes pre-shave, shaving cream, and after shave. Here's what's unique about OUR shaving products:

1.) Pre-shave: contains ingredients such as coconut oil, Shea butter and other skin-loving goodies! Designed to soften the hair to allow easier shaving and less irritation.

2.) Shaving Cream: made from homemade flaxseed gel and other natural skin moisturizers. When used after washing off the pre-shave, your shaving is easier on your skin. PLUS, your skin will have a baby soft feel!

3.) After shave: This seals the deal! made with aloe vera gel and other natural skin healers, OUR after shave not only heals the skin of any Knicks, cuts, and burns, it also SEALS in moisture for an ALL DAY softness and moisturizing touch!

Our shave kit can be customized to fit YOUR favorite fragrance! Many other organic shaving products sell for $8 PER BOTTLE! With us, you can get the ENTIRE KIT (3 bottles) for just $12.00! THAT'S A STEAL!

The Gentleman's Collection Signature shaving kit

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